ChatBot for team performance
Create a chatbot to automatically answer the team's questions about your company's processes and the work they do
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Increase your team performance
Eliminate repetitive questions from your team members
It automates employee questions about company tasks and processes
Answer customer questions automatically, using existing information
Give your team a powerful internal search system that finds exactly what they need, allowing them to get back to their tasks in seconds.

Internal Support
Automatically respond to queries about tasks, processes, how you work, available 24/7 with personalized support
Client support
Respond quickly to queries, available 24/7, with personalized support tailored to your customers' needs.
Created by Ion Mosnoi
Fondator and Data Scientist
With over 6 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, I specialized in the development and implementation of generative tools for companies. Over the year, we have built more than 25 GPT-based applications for various clients, thus strengthening our reputation as a versatile and efficient developer. My experience includes working with Python, Langchain, Tensorflow, HugginFaces, LaMMa and various AI tools, also being adept at fine-tuning processes to optimize model performance.
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2,000 messages / month
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$200 / month
20,000 messages / month
30 days free trial
30 chatbots
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How it works?
Add information about the company, services, contact details, answers to the most common questions, copy an html code on the website and you can talk with customers
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